Bodies, Who Wants One Anyways?

Well at least that’s what I used to think. Bodies can be such an interesting topic and one wrought with so many issues.  It wasn’t even until my literally 10th year doing Access Consciousness®, that I started to begin to even realize what a body was really for.  It’s for ENJOYING life on earth. But how often is that what people truly do or choose with their bodies?

For years I would hear my stepfather Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, say “You don’t truly have a choice about reincarnation until you totally have the greatness of embodiment”.  I would wonder and wonder, what is the greatness of embodiment?

Up until that point I had not had so much fun with my body.  I hardly ever appreciated it.  You know when you look at pictures of you in the past and your like “Wow I looked so much better than I thought I did back then” and then you make the choice to appreciate your body now so you don’t miss out on how awesome it must be only you don’t quite feel that way about your body anyways?

And then there is all the pain.  It was not until attending and facilitating my own Access 3 Day Body Classes that I even began to get that the body was a fun thing to have.  It was the Access Hands-On Body Processes that began to give me a connection and joy with my body that I had never realised was possible.

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